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1536 Instrument


Thermofluor was the major high-througput screening approach used at 3DP from 1999 to 2003. During that time, desire for increased throughput motivated development of a new generation instrument that used a custom 1536-well plate and incorporated an enhanced imaging system allowing reduction in the amount of protein required for a single Tm determination by a factor of 5-10 fold.

A prototype 1536 instrument was built and successfully tested, but development ceased in 2003.

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1536-Well Thermofluor Plate

3DP developed a custom 1536-well plate manufactured from a silicon-nitride filled cyclic olefin polymer. This material met the dual requirements for high thermal conductivity and chemical inertness.

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Thermofluor prototype 1536 instrument

Under development at 3DP in 2003, the 1536 instrument was designed to perform 100,000 assays using 2-5 mgs protein and to provide 4x the throughput of the 384-well plate instrument.
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