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Imiplex LLC: Protein-Based Nanotechnology (2004-)
Imiplex LLC is company that has served both to offer technology consulting services and to develop applications of protein-based nanotechnology for biomedical and metamaterials applications.

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Engineered nanostructure for biosensors and targeted therapeutic applications
Since working with Fred Richards as a Yale undergraduate, I have been fascinated with proteins as machines. My early work defining the structural properties of beta-sheets had shown that proteins could undergo highly cooperative structural transitions owing to their mechanical organization as extended systems of linked, non-linear crankshafts. Through the following years, I retained an interest in protein engineering as a practical solution to many problems in protein crystallography. In 2004, following my departure from 3DP after it was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, Pat Weber and I founded Imiplex LLC. Imiplex served both as a basis for our technology consulting services and as a platform to develop applications of protein-based nanostructures.

As of 2019, Imiplex has developed numerous engineered protein constructs with potential applications in biosensors and targeted therapeutics. Imiplex has also generated an initial patent portfolio covering engineered constructs for nanostructure using streptavidin linkers and methods of nanostructure fabrication. Protein-based nanostructures form a uniquely suited platform for the development of new metamaterials; e.g. materials that achieve novel optical and electromagnetic properties owing to their incorporation of repetitive structures at scales less than the wavelength of the impinging electromagnetic radiation.

Imiplex LLC intends to transfer its technology and intellectual property assets to anew company, Imiplex NanoSystems INC.

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