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Thermofluor Updates
A Google search for "thermofluor" and equivalent terms that describe the same biophysical method illustrate the continually expanding usage of thermofluor in the scientific community.
Equivalent thermofluor terms include:
- differential scanning fluorimetry (DSF - most popular)
- fluorescence thermal shift assay
- thermal shift assay

The number of Google hits on these terms oscillates wildly, but cumulative hits generally range in the multiple tens of thousands.

Numerous reports on applications of thermofluor methodology miss referencing the original paper describing the method by
Pantoliano et al., which is curious since many more include the original thermofluor cartoon illustrating the melting of a 4-alpha helical bundle protein.

A version of the thermofluor transition diagram, which has evolved over multiple presentations and publications.
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This following section links to some recent Published Papers on Applications , Presentations, and Software.


Bcl-Xl Inhibitor Screening : Protein-Protein Interactions
GST Screening
Nuclear Hormone Receptor Ligand Screening
DSF for Screening Thermostable Proteins

American Biotechnologist Thermal Shift Assay Tutorial
Drug Screening with Thermofluor but called qPCR
Carrie Parch on Protein Stability
Gabriele Cordara on DSF and Crystallizaytion

Applied Biosystems Thermal Shift Software
DMAN: JAVA Based analysis Software
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