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Imiplex Scientific Advisors
Imiplex has established a group of Scientific Advisors composed of leading scientists in the fields of protein structure and nanotechnology.
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Virus Cryoimaging EM

Wah Chiu PhD, Professor, Photon Science Directorate, Stanford University. Dr. Chiu’s research focuses on the structure determination of viruses and cellular nanomachines using cryo electron microscopy (CryoEM). He is a pioneer in the development and application of CryoEM for the 3D structure determination of viruses and complex macromolecular assemblies. Dr. Chiu is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences.
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DeNovo Heme Protein

P. Leslie Dutton, PhD, Professor & Director, Johnson Foundation for Molecular Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Dutton’s research focuses on the application of molecular modeling and protein engineering to the generation of novel functional protein structures, particularly those that are involved in electron transfer reactions. Dr. Dutton is Fellow of the Royal Society.
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Computational Protein Dynamics

Michael Levitt, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Levitt is a pioneer in the development and application of molecular dynamics and other computational methods to biological macromolecules. He previously served on the SAB of 3DP and is a Fellow of the Royal Society as well as a member of US National Academy of Sciences. Michael received the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in the development of molecular dynamics methods for biological macromolecules. Dr. Levitt previously served on the SAB of 3DP, a company founded by FRS in 1993.
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Actomyosin-Tropomyosin Molecular Motor

Clarence Schutt, PhD, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Princeton University. Dr. Schutt has had a long career structural biology, focusing initially on the determination of virus structures using X-ray crystallography, and more recently, the structural and chemomechanical understanding of muscle contraction. Dr. Schutt previously served on the SAB of 3DP, a company founded by FRS in 1993.
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Nano-Cantilever Biosensor Incorporating Nanodiscs

Stephen Sligar, PhD. Professor & Director, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Sligar’s research centers on understanding the structure and mechanistic function of membrane proteins, including those metalloenzymes involved in human drug metabolism and steroid hormone biosynthesis, the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and cancer signaling pathways. His work uses a combination of experimental and theoretical methods with a goal of revealing structural and functional information of value in developing new methods of therapeutic intervention.
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